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  • THROWS FARTHEST - Patented spiral ring makes Diggin's Black Max foam spiral football spin tighter and throw farther than any other soft football for boys, girls or adults
  • PERFECT SPIRALS - This long-throw football, with its soft football grip, is designed to help kids and adults learn to throw long beautiful football spirals
  • SOFT FOOTBALL - Soft foam football doesn't hurt to catch and minimizes bumps, unlike other small foam footballs with hard plastic rubber tips
  • EASY-GRIP FOOTBALL - Soft grip football dimples have just the right amount of give for kids to hand grip football and throw a spiral without crushing small football foam
  • KID-SIZE FOOTBALL - This child-size 9" foam football for beginners is small enough for younger kids sports play, but big enough to throw far. An easy-catch football for football throwing practice.OUTDOOR SPORT BALL - Ideal for backyard football catch games, beach football, outdoor park games, touch football, or pee wee football practice. Toy soft football for kids ages 5+

From the manufacturer


From pool toys to backyard games, Water Sports, LLC has everything you need to make the most of your days spent in the sun.

Founded in 1991 with the original Stream Machine water launcher, the Stream Machine pool & beach line now features a wide assortment of products including water guns, sand toys, balloon launchers, tubes and more.

For backyard fun, check out our Instant Fun Sports products – these portable games are designed with quick setup in mind, giving you more time to spend playing.

Also, we've just inked an all-inclusive licensing agreement with Diggin Active, which means we're bringing you a whole new line of year-round play options.

Regardless of where your activities take you, you can rely on Water Sports, LLC to release fun and interactive products for the entire family!

Description Diggin’s slime ball battle set of soft toy squishy balls is perfect for throwing battles and dodgeball games. 6 slime balls are great for playing a game of catch, a Splat games, or other throw games. Ready, aim, fire! Shoot slimeballs up to 30 feet with the Slimeball Slinger! Pull back the Slinger and let the slimeball fly! Launch your slimeball at the super sticky target. Ready, aim, fire! Shoot slime balls up to 30 feet with the slime ball Slinger! Pull back the slinger and let the slime ball fly! Diggin’s slime ball Slinger kids sling-shot launcher comes with a toy catapult launcher and 2 Green slime balls. Practice your slime dodgeball game and squishy pitching with diggin’s toy target practice set. Get ready to get slimed! Slimeball Dodgetag is the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Kids will be dodging slime balls in no time. Slimeballs stick to our materials but won't stick to anything else nor leave any marks. Test your aim with the Slimeball Splat set! the Flinger balls shoot over 30 feet! Slimeball Flingers have a built-in launch mechanism making them fun and easy to shoot. Use the Flinger or shoot right from your fingertips.
Description Safe Kids Dart Game with 6 Balls. Children can enjoy a fun game of darts with safety in mind. Using the hook-covered balls, each player takes turns throwing 3 colored balls at the target, aiming to hit the highest numbers. Ring Toss is a classic and challenging family game. The soft and safe PopOut Ring Toss pops open for big fun! You can take it and play anywhere, outdoors or indoors. Play alone or with family and friends. Dodge Tag is the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Each player wears an air mesh vest and picks 3 balls. Players throw the soft, safe balls and try to stick them to their opponent’s vests. Run, dodge and throw. If the ball sticks, it’s a hit! Diggin’s Whippet takes classic throw and catch to a whole new performance level! Snap the paddle shut to catch the ball at any angle. Sling it back once the ball drops into the track. Gear up for the ultimate snowball fight with Yeti Dodgetag! The snowballs stick to the furry Yeti vest. It’s the ultimate 2-player DodgeBall game! Each player wears a furry Yeti vest and picks 2 snowballs. Launch and control your Spinos with the wand! Attach the Spinos to the wand and push the button to send the ball spinning. When you launch it, a magnetic force field is created around the ball!
Description Squish Football is the squeeziest, squishiest football ever! Designed to be easy to catch and throw, Squish Football makes it easy for little hands to throw a football. Diggin Active - Black Max Football - Throw farther with the Black Max Football! The patented spiral ring helps kids throw tighter spirals and longer throws. Bring flight to life with the real Flyers! The real Flyers shark is a long-distance glider that flies up to 80 feet! Launch and watch them sail through the skies with their super-sized wingspan. Bring flight to life with the real Flyers! The real Flyers Dragon is a long-distance glider that flies up to 80 feet! Launch and watch them sail through the skies with their super-sized wingspan. Bring flight to life with the Real Flyers! The Real Flyers Shark is a long-distance glider that flies up to 80 feet! Launch and watch them sail through the skies with their super-sized wingspan. Spinos Battle Game is a force field battling game! Spinos is a force field ball that is controlled with the power ring. When you spin it, a magnetic force field is created around the ball.


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