Magna-Tiles Safari Animals 25 Piece Set

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  • Includes first-of-their-kind magnetic animals: Giraffe, Lion, Elephant and Monkey
  • Promotes mental growth in kids. While learning core STEM concepts and developing critical thinking skills, children will be entertained for hours with screen-free, building fun.
  • Durable magnetic tiles are made from the highest quality, non-toxic materials; BPA-, phthalates- and latex-free. Engineered with children’s safety top of mind with secure, rivets and reinforced internal structure.
  • Magna-Tiles are designed for little hands and years of frustration-free fun. Ideal for families with children ages 3 years +.
  • Compatible with all existing Magna-Tiles sets.

From the manufacturer

See how Magna-Tiles help kids excel in early-childhood development!

Build Imagination & Creativity

"When children engage in open-ended play, like building with Magna-Tiles, they learn how to cope with frustration, how to bounce back from difficulties, how to access their creativity, and how to turn ideas into reality."

-Dr. Becky Kennedy

Child Psychologist

Support Cognitive Development

"Magna-Tiles are the ultimate toy for growing kids - they offer fun, open-ended play, and endless building opportunities, while also stimulating cognitive development as kids develop frustration tolerance, critical thinking, and mental flexibility."

-Dr. Becky Kennedy

Child Psychologist

Develop Social-Emotional Skills

“Magna-Tiles provide endless opportunities for children to develop play and social skills. Through open-ended play, Magna-Tiles foster a child’s creativity and imagination as they plan, create, and re-build."

-Mariko Fairly

Behavior Analyst

Promote Learning in Early Literacy

"I've found Manga-Tiles to be a favorite across many developmental stages whether we're working on first words, functional language, or complex sentences & storytelling."

-Caley Nunnally

Speech-Language Pathologist


The perfect gift for animal-inspired imaginations!

Grow your animal kingdom with other award-winning Magna-Tiles animal sets!

Animals Monkey, Lion, Elephant & Giraffe Penguin, Seal, Whale, Polar Bear & Baby Polar Bear Caiman, Sloth, Tiger, Leopard & Hippo
Classic Shapes 9 Small Squares, 2 Right Triangles, 2 Isosceles Triangles & 6 Equilateral Triangles 8 Small Squares, 4 Isosceles Triangles & 4 Equilateral Triangles 10 Small Squares, 4 Isosceles Triangles & 4 Equilateral Triangles
Special Shapes 1 Arch & 1 Pentagon 4 Quarter Circles 1 Spinner & 1 Staircase
Compatible With And Complementary To All Magna-Tiles Sets


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