My Fairy Garden — Unicorn Paradise Toy Figurine Plant Kit — Grow a Garden for Dahlia the Fairy and Friends — Ages 4+

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  • PLANT AND GROW – Use the seeds to plant your very own garden for Dahlia, Celeste, and Pebbles to enjoy!
  • COMBINE NATURE AND PLAY—Children will learn to care for their living garden while using the figurines to play!
  • MAGICAL WORLD – This enchanting world is perfect for playing with the included fairy, turtle, and unicorn figures!
  • INCLUDES NEARLY EVERYTHING YOU’LL NEED – With seeds, soil, gardening tools, and the delightful figures and playset all you’ll need to complete your set are 3 AAA batteries!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL – With fairy bridges you can connect this set to any other My Fairy Garden for a whole community of beautiful gardens.

From the manufacturer

Plant, Grow, Play

You get everything you need to create a real garden

Using the included soil and seeds, plant your very own fairy unicorn garden and watch it grow.

Add your own flowers or seeds, too--the possibilities are endless. Maybe even decorate with some stones or other fun things you have.

Nurture your garden

Check on it every day and water it as needed. Make sure it gets sunlight, too.

Fairy fun

Play with your fairy garden and use your imagination to have lots of fun.

Seed mix includes:

  • Crimson Clover Dixie
  • Purple Prairie Clover
  • Red Clover
  • White Dutch Clover
  • Yellow Sweet Clover

Play with and love your new fairy friend and unicorn!

Dahlia the fairy and her sparkly unicorn friend Celeste love going for walks around their garden and hanging out in their shiny cave and toadstool home. Dahlia and Celeste enjoy telling each other secrets, and keeping them, because they’re best friends! Pebbles the turtle just enjoys hanging around Dahlia and Celeste and joining in the fun when he's not napping.

Once you build Dahlia’s garden and start growing your plants, you can have fun playing in your new fairy world!

Growth is guaranteed, but timing can vary depending on environment and care given

Fast, exciting growth

You'll see sprouting within the first several days of planting your seeds.

Watching the progress is fun

Plants constantly change and grow, which is fascinating to see.

Eventually you'll see some color

Be can't be rushed!

Contents Flowerpot, Seeds, Soil, Toadstool, Gardening Tools, Play Accessories, Fairy with Friend Tree Hollow, Seeds, Soil, Gardening Tools, Play Accessories, Fairy with Friend Base, Leaves and Stem, Stream, Bridge, Teacup House, Gardening Tools, Fairy with Friend Watering Can, Trellis, Swing, Hammock, Gardening Tool, Beans, Fairy with Friend Cave, Toadstool House, Tray, Rainbow, Dahlia the Fairy, Pebbles the Turtle, Celeste the Unicorn, Watering Can, 4 Gardening Tools, Fairy Flying Cord, Seed Packet, Soil, Leaflet Gourd House, Tray, Windmill, Water Wheel, Saffron the Fairy, Swans Grace and Beau, Watering Can, Gardening Tools, Fairy Flying Cord, Fairy Stand, Seed Packet, Soil, Leaflet


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