Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table | Colorful Kids Water Play Table with 13-Pc Accessory Set, Blue & Green

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  • Rain shower effect from the treetop canopy makes realistic rainfall sounds!
  • Large footprint lets several kids play together, encouraging social and sharing skills.
  • Molded-in rainforest detail and jungle-themed critter toys spark kids' imaginations, taking water play to a new level of splish-splash fun!
  • Non-leak drain plug keeps water in the basin during play and allows for easy drainage when playtime fun is done.
  • Water basin holds up to 5 gal. (18.92 L) of water.
  • Easy to clean! Use disinfectant wipes or household cleaners whenever you want!
  • In the box: Water table base, rainforest canopy tray, 13-piece accessory set featuring a tree-frog, toucan, and tropical fish squish toys.

From the manufacturer

Why We Love the Tropical Rainforest Water Table

13 Accessories Included

Splish-splash the day away with 13 accessories to flex kids’ fine motor skills! Accessories include squishy tropical fish toys, a bucket, scoop, and more.

Engaging Social Play

This water table’s open design, accessories, and multiple play stations allow kids to play together, practicing sharing and social skills.

Water-Activated Spinner

Discover cause and effect play with the water-activated spinner – pour water to watch the spinner go fast and slow!

Tropical Theme

This adorable water table has a cute tropical theme, complete with rainforest canopy tray, plus tree-frog, tropical fish, and toucan character toys.

Why Play with a Water Table?

Sensory Exploration

Water play introduces kids to new textures, temperatures, sights and sounds. Actions like splashing engage multiple senses at once, and encourage children to actively use their senses as they explore. With water, every movement presents an opportunity to see, hear, and feel something new.

STEM Learning

Early physics concepts like motion and flowing are present in water play. Water toys with slides, spinners, and funnels are a great way to teach kids about cause and effect. Incorporate learning into play by letting kids make predictions about what will happen when water enters a spinner, or a rubber duck is placed on top of a water slide.

Language + Social Skills

Water toys help kids build important social skills like taking turns and experimenting with role play. Water play is also great for widening a child’s vocabulary, as they start using words like “splash”, “sink”, and “float”.

Physical + Motor Skills

Water play is a great way to practice physical development. When your child pours water from a bucket, they practice both physical dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Water toys also help develop fine motor skills and the pincer grasp as kids practice squirting, stirring and squeezing different accessories while they play.

Play Together!

  • Seaside Storytelling: Get creative with water play! Make up a story about the rainforest creatures or other toys you’re playing with. Where are they from? What’s their favorite thing to do at the water table? See how silly the stories get as you build off of one another to add more details!
  • Sensory Exploration: Instead of water, fill the water table with dried pasta, beans, sand, or rice to create a fun sensory play area to use indoors or out.
  • Encourage your child to rearrange the put-and-place spinner and teeter-totter pieces, and watch with them as their tropical waterfall maze combinations start to spin and move!


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